Rendering and coloured render

Monocouche (through coloured render)

We apply monocouche which is a through coloured render and is available in many colours. The most popular finish is a scraped texture finish which can have the addition of ashlar grooves cut into the surface. Other textured finishes include tyrolean, pebble dash and roughcast. Monocouche is more expensive than sand and cement mortar but it doesn’t require painting. We can give prices for both traditional and monocouche renders so that you can compare the prices and decide which would be more suitable for your property.

External wall insulation (EWI)

EWI is the process of fixing solid wall insulation to the outside of a property. The insulation comes in different thicknesses and quality depending on the type and thickness of the wall. Different finishes are achieved, including pebble dash and scraped texture finish. We mainly cover the domestic market to provide a service for smaller jobs while still accommodating larger projects.


Internal wall insulation (IWI)

This process of fixing insulation to the internal side of the wall is more appropriate when the outside look of the property cannot be changed and when only one room needs insulating. The most common process includes fixing insulated plasterboards to the affected walls with adhesive. Insulated studwork is also available: it is fixed to the wall the same as a timber stud; insulation is inserted between and then plasterboard is fixed on top. Both processes are finished smooth with skim plaster. We can advise on the best option and the most suitable thickness of insulation for the job.

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