Q. How thick is a re-skim?

A re-skim varies in thickness depending on how flat the existing walls are. The standard thickness is 2-3mm. If the walls are uneven then the skim will be thicker in places to compensate for areas that dip in.

Q. Do I have to take the radiators off before a re-skim?

It is advisable to remove radiators, prior to skimming as this will make it easier to achieve a quality finish. If you are not keen on having them taken off, then the skim can be blended in round the edge.

Q. How much ceiling height will I lose if the ceiling is over boarded?

The plasterboards used for over boarding are only 9.5mm thick. With the skim on top you’ll lose roughly 12mm of ceiling height.

Q. Will over boarding be noticeable when the room has original cornice?

The boards are butted up to the cornice and you do lose part of the detail. When the ceiling is skimmed and painted it’s hardly noticeable.

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